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G’day and Happy Mother’s Day to all the readers in places where it’s actually Mother’s Day! Other readers mamas can suck it! (JK)

Welcome, all you lovely beasts to our loveliest edit yet.

This story was designed as an ode to anyone who has a mama, is a mama, or knows how to spell mama (is it one ‘M’ or two?).

Whether you call her mum, mom, mummy (alright mate) or ma, like me, there’s no denying that these mystical creatures deserve way more than one calendar day to be celebrated. So I have chucked together an edit full of goodies that will remind your mama just how special she is long after the flowers on her brekkie-in-bed tray have wilted.

Full disclosure before too much guilt sets in, I actually completely forgot about Mother’s Day last year. So you may or may not all be trapped in one big exercise in guilt appeasement. That being said I think you’re all going to be jazzed AF about what I have in store for you.

Full-frontal disclosure: A lot of the products featured here have actually made their way into my wardrobe and not my mama’s prezzy pile. Yip, I am a revolting child.

Good thing there’s some retail therapy ahead to make me feel better, right!?

I have tried to source a bunch of products which have an expensive option, and then a super affordable option. You can pick either one depending on how broke you are because money doesn’t grow on trees you know. This is a little teaser for the HIGH-LOW GOOD-BUY (get it? Hello, good-bye?) addition that we will be featuring on a few edits if you guys love it. As always DM me with any ideas or requests if you feel strongly enough about it. And for anyone contemplating a DP montage, don’t make me turn this edit around!

Keep an eye out for some super secret pens, a LOT of customisable merch (we went a little heavy on the shameless plug), and some of the prettiest, pearliest thingies that will have you exclaiming, ’mother of pearl!’ they’re so dreamy.

I have also featured London based pizza palace, Homeslice. A dream-come-true for any carb enthusiasts, like me and my ma! They specialise in everything essential for an indulgent night of comfort eating (and boozing) so if you find yourself looking for a place for the perfect pizza then look no further!

Let’s get on with it, shall we!



Editor, sometimes good daughter and full-time mum enthusiast.

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