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Welcome y’all to The X Cartel

This week we dive balls deep into the mystical world of crystals by partnering up with CRSTL to get a crystal clear (sorry) understanding of just what these magical masses can do for us.

Anyone who has ever dabbled in the esoteric will know that the power of energy, intention and manifestation is not to be effed with. So we decided to break down some of the key players in an attempt to help you find the right crystal for you or a loved one right now. 

Each crystal has it’s very own set of incredible properties which cover everything from love, lust and luck to good old fashioned jealousy (and how to banish it). 

Maybe you are looking for something to facilitate a little soul searching, or to draw a new romance into your life. Well, look no further coz we have all your needs covered with CRSTL water bottles. All available to shop right here. 

And if that wasn’t good enough, these little buggers are glass so while you are tapping into the power of universal joojoo your Karma will be skyrocketing with all the environmentally friendly brownie points you are scoring. You’re welcome!

Think of it like your very own sorting hat ceremony. Just as magical, except we aren’t selling wands, and you aren’t Harry Potter. 

It’s time to Alohomora your best life and Expecto Patronum all that negativity right back to the ass end of Azkaban! 

So sit back, relax and tap into a little you time as you figure out exactly which CRSTL water bottle is right for you. 



US $40
US $40

Also known as the Crystal of Unconditional Love

This soft pink stone of the heart emits powerful feminine energy for healing, deepening connections and love. 


Rose Quartz is a powerful stone for deepening connections within existing relationships. It provides a deep sense of personal fulfilment and contentment, allowing one the capacity to truly give and receive love from others.


Rose Quartz is a powerful stone that can attract new love, romance and intimacy into your world. It also works as a gentle healer dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, so that you are able to break down old patterns and trust new relationships. It is believed to open you up energetically and emotionally to receive love as well as give it.


Rose Quartz is a powerful healing tool which helps one move on from emotional wounds and reawakens the heart to its own innate love. It provides a deep sense of personal fulfilment and contentment and encourages love, respect, and worth within one’s self. The essential stone for anyone who is newly single.

US $40

Citrine is the Sunshine Crystal

Carrying the energy of the Spring Sun this crystal is the perfect tool to help bring the sunshine back into your soul. 

A powerful crystal for anyone who just needs a little cheering up. Citrine will help clear your mind and re-energize your soul to harness new beginnings and be open to exciting opportunities. 

Citrine opens the higher mind to accept joy and release negativity, opening one up to inspiration, creativity and self-expression.

US $40

Green Aventurine is known as the Stone of Opportunity

Thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, Aventurine is the perfect crystal for anyone who is in need of a little luck, wealth or just some good old fashioned optimism. 

Aventurine is a powerful tool to help you manifest prosperity and wealth. 

Whether you need a little extra boost to help you with a first date, or a little confidence to help you nail an interview or a new endeavour, Aventurine will give you the positive energy you need to achieve your dreams. As well as the added bonus of humour to take life’s blows with a lol rather than a col (cry out loud).

US $40

The crystal of wealth and abundance

This crystal has the powerful energy to help you achieve your ambitions by unlocking your hidden potential, increasing the confidence needed to chase your dreams. 

Known for attracting wealth and abundance this crystal empowers you to manifest your ideas and thoughts by increasing your intellectual, emotional and energetic acuity. 

The perfect crystal for anyone who is thinking of starting a new business or who needs a confidence boost.

US $40

A powerful stone to detox and heal your soul

Obsidian is an excellent stone for anyone who has experienced a shock or trauma. The perfect stone for anyone who has recently experienced a breakup.

This intensely protective stone acts as a powerful shield against negativity for its owner. Considered a very personal stone we recommend that it be used and kept by one person only.

Obsidian will stimulate the healing of your emotional body. It has the power to expose the wounds we carry when we have the strength to handle them and reveals the actions needed to release them with compassion and move on.

US $40

Clear Quartz is a deep soul cleanser and energizer!

The perfect crystal for anyone who is thinking about starting a detox because of its clarifying and energizing properties. 

Clear Quartz is also excellent for amplifying the energy and effects of other stones. Paired with your prescribed crystal Clear Quartz can help to act as an energy booster-pack to help you in times of great need.

This crystal acts as a powerful protector against environmental toxins and harmful energies.

US $40

This crystal is known to ease anxiety and bring you back to centre

The Amethyst is a powerful crystal to help anyone who is feeling overworked or just plain stressed. 

The perfect gift for anyone who is suffering from nightmares or is just feeling a little overwhelmed.

Also known as the Soul Stone, this crystal has powerful properties to help deepen the romantic relationships of its users to a level which transcends the excitement of ‘new love’ to that of a deeper soul connection.

US $40

Labradorite is known as the Stone of Magic

The most powerful protector of all stones.

A powerful tool to help you regain trust in the magic of the universe and welcome infinite abundance into your life. This crystal banishes fears and insecurities and enhances confidence in your own abilities and faith in the mystical power of positive universal magnetism. 

Labradorite awakens a sense of adventure and spontaneity in anyone who is feeling a little jaded by the routine of their day to day lives.

The perfect stone for anyone desiring a dash of magic in their life.

US $40

Lapis Lazuli is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth

The perfect gift for anyone seeking knowledge or wisdom. Whether you seek enhanced memory while studying for exams or to wisdom to enable greater self-awareness.

Lapis Lazuli gives a clearer perspective in all aspects of your life as well as enlightening you to opportunities for growth. It has the powerful effect of not only revealing our limitations but also our unique abilities and gifts to be able to reach our full potential.

The perfect stone for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and discover their divine purpose in life.

US $40

This powerful stone restores balance to your body on all levels to help you to make clear and conscious decisions.

Tiger’s Eye has the power to balance emotional extremes and order scattered thoughts to allow the mind to gain clarity and perspective. The focus and stability it brings to the mind enable its user to make decisions based on reason and understanding rather than emotion. 

A powerful tool for manifestation, Tiger’s Eye strengthens your will by giving your desires and intentions clarity.

The perfect stone for anyone facing a dilemma or who suffers from internal conflict. Especially in situations caused by willfulness, jealousy or pride.

US $35